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Financial and fiscal advisors for expats in The Netherlands

Need help with Dutch accounting or tax expatriate services?

Will you start a business in The Netherlands and do you need help with tax and accounting matters? Or are you an expat working in The Netherlands and having questions about the Dutch fiscal system and/or the 30% ruling exemption? Stolwijk Accountants & Tax Advisors consists of a group of experienced financial and fiscal advisors, who help domestic and foreign entrepreneurs starting up their business in The Netherlands.

Accountant expat – a quick response on all your financial matters

As an accountant for expats, we receive many financial and tax-related questions about the Dutch fiscal rulings. We have experienced that the Dutch Tax system is complex for expats who start living and working in The Netherlands. Our advisors will help these expats by responding to their questions and advising them about optimizing their fiscal situation for both private and business situations. If you are an expat willing to receive high-quality tax advice, then Stolwijk Accountants & Tax Advisors is your partner!

Tax advice expat – 30%-ruling

Some of our current expat clients make use of the 30% ruling exemption. We advise clients if they are able to comply to the conditions of the 30% ruling exemption. Moreover, if their 30% ruling exemption is accepted by the Tax Authorities, we also monitor their situation so that they will keep complying to the 30% ruling conditions. This is because, non-compliance to the conditions will lead to less tax-friendly conditions.

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Would you like to know more about our services for expats and what we can do as an accountant and tax advisor? Or would you like to know more about the conditions and/or request for the 30% ruling exemption? Stolwijk Accountants & Tax Advisors are able to discuss the possibilities for your private and/or business situation. You can either call us through 020 640 6665 or fill out our contact form on our website.

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